Hurricane Harvey 2017/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

For a nearly a week in late August and early September of 2017 the city of Houston experienced catastrophic amounts of rainfall arising from Hurricane Harvey. The storm came ashore in the southern part of the state, hitting Rockport, TX on August 26th and devastating that small town. By the time the remnants of the hurricane reached Houston days later, the storm had become a tropical depression and unfortunately 'stalled' for days over our city, dropping a jaw-dropping 50"+ of rain. During that event and in the days and weeks since we have all witnessed scenes of both terrible suffering and heroic sacrifice, and as awful as that time was, both aspects starkly reminded us of God's love for us as it is found in our love and care for each other. If ever a time for community was called for this was it and the congregation rose magnificently to the many tasks from large-scale demolition and salvage to small, thoughtful gestures to let those worst affected know that they were held in prayer and cherished always.

In addition to the 100s of hours of volunteer-time clocked up by our members who worked alongside friends, neighbours and fellow Houstonians (who came out in their thousands to help) we were also greatly blessed by the much-needed assistance we received from out of state. In particular we are profoundly grateful for our partnership with the PC(USA) Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) program and for the PDA team from Kansas City, KS who over the Thanksgiving break were able to assist a family from our congregation transform a shell of a house into a home again. We give our humble thanks. 

For more information about the PDA and its disaster relief and refugee programs please click on the link below. 

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