What does it mean to become a 'member' of a PC(USA) church?

We welcome all people at Servant-Savior and all may participate in worship and communion as visitors to the church. Although not required, membership of the congregation is a step we encourage you consider as part of your journey with us and with Christ and his body on Earth, the Church.


All classes, materials, and mentoring to help you prepare to become a member of -Savior are all provided free of charge under the supervision of our Pastor and the Ruling Elders of the church (and their committee, or 'Session').


Please follow the links below to discover more about becoming a new member! 

New Member Resources at Theoacademy

is a production of the PCUSA)'s Synod of Mid-America (see the next topic Structure and Governing Bodies and Governance for an explanation of what is meant by a Presbyterian 'synod') and offers a wide selection of short, high-quality introductory videos about the Presbyterian faith and how we aspire enact our discipleship in our everyday lives. Alongside each video you will also find a number of free downloadable study guides; and it would be helpful to look through those and if you have questions please do feel free to talk directly to the Pastor, Elders, or in fact any other member of congregation–all will be more than happy to assist you on your journey to joining the PC(USA) and Servant-Savior.     

PC(USA) Structure and Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are: sessions, presbyteries, synods and the General Assembly and how we organize ourselves is a central part of how we view our discipleship–find out more by clicking the link below. 

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