Who We Are. What We Believe

What to Expect At Servant-Savior


Our worship begins at 10:30am each Sunday and lasts approximately one hour.  The service typically follows a general pattern largely utilized by a great number of PC(USA) congregations throughout the nation that includes a gathering portion, a time of confessional prayer, God’s Word proclaimed, and a joyful sending.  This general pattern is known as the “Fourfold Order” of worship: Entrance—Word—Response to Word (Communion)—Sending.  Praise through music (hymns) is offered near the beginning, middle, and conclusion of the service.  Other notable components of our service include a weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper, as well as the public prayerful voicing of our collective and personal concerns and celebrations.

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Proclaimed Word

According to the Reformed tradition (within which the PC-USA resides), a service of worship is “marked” by the presence of three qualities: the Word rightly preached, the sacraments properly administered, and church discipline faithfully and lovingly implemented.  God’s Word proclaimed is essential to our tradition.  Our service is designed to prepare one for the hearing of the Word as well as respond in faith to its hearing, whereby one seeks to incorporate the gospel into daily living.



We believe that collecting an offering is an appropriate response to hearing God's Word proclaimed. The offering is used to fund the activities and ministries of the church as well as the ministry of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  As God’s giving truly knows no ending, we believe that our freely given resources are one appropriate response to God’s grace.  Thus, one is encouraged to give generously as they are able. 



Servant-Savior is greatly blessed with a variety of gifted musicians. Each week you will enjoy the freely given talent the members of our congregation offer. A faithful and folksy family quartet The Travelling Murphys often lead us in our songs of praise and worship and they, as long-time Presbyterians and members of Servant-Savior, greatly facilitate the Spirit’s movement each time they proclaim God’s love through their beautiful music. Additionally, Servant-Savior is incredibly blessed to have several gifted pianists, brass players, percussionists, and guitarists who eagerly fulfill our need for musical leadership when the Murphys are unable to be with us.

Our eclectic music/hymns range broadly from traditional to more contemporary styles and we are fortunate to have many fine voices amongst our congregation, although all are encouraged to sing loud and from the heart!  Finally, as a sponsor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Servant-Savior is grateful to host a local chapter of the Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) of Cameroon who lead us once a month in music and song blending the traditions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with those of their home church and in west Africa.  

Feel free to connect with us at kathleen@servantsavior.org for any questions or information about how to participate in our music ministry at Servant-Savior–all are welcome!