• Kathleen Davies

A Conspiracy of Love

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love”

–Hamilton Wright Mable

On Sunday, as I sat with crossed legs on the rug, I tried to explain our Advent theme to the younger of our disciples.

“What does the word ‘conspiracy’ mean?”

The dictionary was no help, only providing negative connotations and evil plots. And there were certainly plots and nefarious plans during that first Advent.

Think Herod.

But there was also a great gathering of love and power and hope and purpose, there was, in the best sense of the word, a conspiracy.

Looking back at the root of the word, cheers to the Latin beginnings, we find conspire, conspirare–to work together. So yes there is a plot and a plan but in the fullest and best

sense of the word there is TOGETHERNESS.

Togetherness is a word I can hang my hat on.

So as we stumble toward December 24th and that precious night of new beginnings, we stumble together. As we plot and plan for how to feed our neighbors, we plot and plan together.

As we sing and sigh, as we pray and praise, we are lifting our voices together.

We work together to show God’s great love to the world, it’s no secret plot. In truth we are co-conspirators telling and retelling the greatest love story ever told. And it takes time and patience and grace for each other. Because the world doesn’t stop during Advent, because there is still outrage and crisis, turmoil and war, we must slowly and deliberately plot. We cannot hurry the story though the days seem shorter and gathering speed. We must wait, marking each day, and preparing together.

The waiting is the grueling gift of Advent. Thank you for waiting with me, for plotting and planning with me, for being ‘together’ with me.

© Kathleen Kendall Davies, 2017