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According to the doctor's share, the principle mechanism of braces is a technique that requires the use of transparent brackets or trays to create traction on the teeth, helping the teeth to move to the desired position on the arch jaw.

Braces technique is also a method to help overcome the conditions of overbite, underbite, crooked, crooked, and misaligned bite in a safe and effective way. The main purpose is orthodontic treatment but still ensure good health for the patient.

On the other hand, for methods of porcelain crowns, veneers that need to undergo tooth grinding or even need to treat the pulp, overcome the problem of misaligned teeth, the braces technique will help preserve 100% of the teeth. Real. Therefore, braces seem to have become a method that many customers trust and choose.

When wearing braces, after a certain period of time, your teeth will move into the correct position. In the principle of braces, the time to wear braces for each person will be different, depending on the condition of your teeth as well as the method of braces you choose. Usually, you will need to wear braces for between 6 and 18 months.

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