Seasons of the Church

The Seasons of the Church also known as the 'liturgical calendar'.The period between Pentecost and the festival of Christ the King (that marks the Sunday before Advent) is the longest span of the church year and is known as Ordinary Time so named due to the 'ordinal' numbers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sunday and so on, not because this time is 'ordinary' in the sense of the mundane or dull! Ordinary Time is a place in the year for us to rest with God and the knowledge of God's presence among us. With that knowledge also comes of the hope of new life in the resurrection, new life seen all around us in the never-ending new creation of our everyday world.


















Little Flower Catholic Church (Toledo, Ohio) - Liturgical seasons mosaic (2014) link to source


The festivals and seasons of the Christian year (or liturgical calendar) offer a way to order the annual life of the church according to the life of Christ and the events of salvation history. The Revised Common Lectionary provides a set of Scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments that is both organized around the Christian year and attentive to the broad themes and narratives of the biblical story.

Our denomination recognizes the following seasons and festival days: 

  • Advent, the beginning of the Christian year and a season to recollect the hope of the coming of Christ, and to look forward to the Lord’s coming again,

  • Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Christ,

  • Epiphany, a day for commemorating God’s self-manifestation to all people,

  • Lent, a season of spiritual discipline and preparation, beginning with Ash Wednesday, anticipating the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ,

  • Holy Week, a time of remembrance and proclamation of the atoning suffering and death of Jesus Christ,

  • Easter, the day of the Lord’s resurrection and the season of rejoicing which commemorates his ministry until his Ascension, and continues through

  • the Day of Pentecost, the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.


The church also observes other days such as Baptism of the Lord, Transfiguration of the Lord, Trinity Sunday, All Saints Day and Christ the King.

[Modified from PC(USA) 'The Christian Year']

Purple ~ Preparation and Penitance

Advent & Lent

Liturgical Colors

Red ~ Fire and the Holy Spirit 

Pentecost & Reformation Sunday 

White ~  Holiness and Reverence 

All Holy Days & Weddings 

Green  ~ Vegetation and Creation As New Life 

Ordinary Time