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We are a small, feisty, welcoming community of people who believe we are called to love God and love our neighbors--all of our neighbors--in both word and deed. We believe that God's table is open to all and that the body of Christ is better and stronger and truer when everyone's voice and talents are welcomed and celebrated. We are part of the PC(USA) and belong to the Presbytery of New Covenant. We are a More Light Congregation and an Earth Care Congregation


I, who have been called to shepherd and share good news, know so little of God’s vast perspective.  I seek and submit, I assume and acquiesce and at the end of the day, and sometimes even at the very beginning, the best I can summon is, “God is Love.”  And God’s Love is enough, it is sufficient to see me through and thus it is sufficient to see you through…whatever and wherever this season of life offers.  


We gather at the church to be renewed and reminded, to drink the cup and break the bread, to taste and see that indeed the Lord is still Good.  We are strengthened for the journey and we are filled so that we might pour out ourselves.  It is scandalous work that we do; these are scandalous claims that we share.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I believe and hope you too can rest in the assurance that in the end LOVE WINS.



Our current Ruling Elders are:

Natalia Guzman

Page Rander

Ann Cooper

Holly Liechty

Sherry Webb

David Brakebill

Trixi Spires

Kyla Hebert

Rev. Davies is Moderator of Session and Dottie Cook is our Clerk of Session.

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